Bring back Boolean Carve solver

I use the Boolean modifier a lot. Blender 2.79 has the option to switch between Carve and BMesh for the solver. They are both kind of buggy, but in different ways (For example, Carve will sometimes say ‘cannot complete boolean operation’, freaks out when a face on the subtracting mesh intersects with the target mesh, or BMesh will sometimes not actually cut out the shape and instead just leave edges where it was supposed to cut). However, they both usually work fine, and I have found workarounds for when they don’t work. I most often use Carve; it gives me the best results. I’m concerned that it’s gone in 2.8.
Blender 2.79 has the option to switch;
2.8 only lets you use BMesh.

(Sike, you don’t get a screenshot because the forum won’t let me put two images for some reason.)

I understand that it might be confusing to have two options for the solver, but they usually both work. The benefit of letting people switch solvers if one doesn’t work outweighs the cost of having users slightly confused.


I agree with you sometimes carver solve boolean that Bmesh cannot (It might be due to my fancy uses). But I tried the same modeling with boolean in 2.8 and Bmesh doesn’t work in most of these case:

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Please use search before posting. :wink:

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Carve need to be put back or something similar in 2.90… procedural non destructive modeling without this function just suck.

Hope this function go back