Brick Texture Node Development

I would really like to see options within the Brick Texture node to allow for the creation and manipulation of brick based patterns, specifically bonding patterns.

I am interested in architectural modelling and a large part of studying older buildings has been understanding the differences between the brick bonding styles and the complexities of modelling these textures.

I would love to see the ability within the brick texture node, to apply different bonding styles such as Flemish Bond, English Bond or Sussex Bond. The flexibility to then allocate burnt Header bricks or Queen Closers would be amazingly useful when trying to visualise historic buildings and architecture.

I understand that there are work arounds using image textures but having a procedural workflow for such effects would be great, in my opinion. It is possible to combine Brick Texture nodes using complex node trees to achieve these looks but this method is limited in its effectiveness and flexibility.

Would anyone else find this helpful?
And what sort of challenge does this pose to coding?


This is much further than I can imagine yet but I have a question and I hope this bumps up to the surface and gets seen somehow. I am in need to reconstructing the blender brick texture node from scratch at the moment for more control. I can’t quite recreate the brick pattern I need. I am in need of adding enumerated odd and even row changes. basically each odd row a bit smaller than the even. No luck in all my adventures so far but If someone out there can link me code that I can pop into a script node and use I would be forever grateful. THANKS

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