Boundary of rendered objects in 2d space when camera, width and height are given


Some math stuff with cycles.

My requirement is,
I am rendering screenshot with cycles (not inside blender. Using programming cycles).
After the screenshot is rendered, I should be able to draw boundary around the object.

To achieve this,

How to get the boundaries (2d polygons) of every rendered object in 2d space when a camera, width and height are given? An object might have more than 1 polygons. Some objects may not have any polygons as they are not in the rendered image.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi @brecht and @jesterKing

Any solution to this? I think it is easily do-able because Cycles has this data already.

Thanks in advance.

You’d transform the object bounding box from world space to raster space. This would be done by transforming every corner point of the bounding box using the scene camera worldtoraster matrix, and then computing the bounding box of those transformed points.


Hi @brecht, Thanks for responding.

I can compute bounding box. but my requirement is different.

Assume that the below image is Viewport view. I should be able to identify the boundaries of each mesh (as shown in the image)

You could give each object a unique ID and render the object ID pass.

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I’ve been trying to do just that, the results are not what I expected. How should I apply the worldtoraster matrix?
More specifially, I’m trying to get pixel-space bounding boxes - is that the same as raster space in Cycles?

Raster space is defined the same as in the Renderman and OSL specifications, and could also be called pixel space.

You apply the matrix by calling transform_perspective with that matrix and a coordinate. Note that worldtoraster matrix is only computed as part of scene update, it can’t be used before that.

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