Border Select and 3D Cursor Tool UX conflicting

When Border Select is enabled clicking anywhere on the screen places the 3D Cursor. Is this the way its supposed to work or is this a bug.

The Border select is non standard so very awkward to work with.
When the Border Select tool is enabled clicking any empty part of the viewport should deselect everything.
Modifier keys Alt / Shift with drawing a box should be used to Add or Subtract from the current selection.
This is standard in most programs.


It should be supposed.
I do not know why there were many user who hope to set border select tool as default (active selection tool)
And I did not know, if it seems Industry standard of current mejor 3d aprications?

Anyway there is many case we seldom use border selection tool. eg When you edit bones of complex armature
I have no plan to use border selection. or when I edit vertices for smooth, I simply forget boder selection.
and if I really need it, I just use “B” it is too simple and clear enough.

I think, if blender developer seriously thinking UI for beginner, there are many actions which may better offer as one click tool. but I feel, new Active tools is almost main interesting for developer and desginers until release 2.8.

Though I udnersatnd, each user have unique thinking about tool, and aprication, but
I hoped to keep usuall selection tool as default. I need to set-up one by one about all work space.
then save them. I hope there is option, we can select default selection tool in user preference tab.

But Developers seems talking and finally decide, Border selection tool as default selection tool of 2.8, so I can not complain.