Bone rotation values messed up after import into maya via FBX format

Hello, former Maya user here. While transiting to blender and recoup most of the tools I am used to in Maya, It seems that after export and bone-rigged character into FBX file format and import it into Maya, the bone rotation is messed up.
when testing the rig in Maya before import into blender, the rotate x, y, z channels start at 0, if I zero out the rotate x,y,z it would return to its original rotation. After import it in blender, it behaves the same as in maya. However, after I export it out as fbx and import into maya, the rotation values are not 0 but some other arbitrary number. zero them out does not serve the purpose of return to original rotate. import the same FBX file back into blender, there are no arbitrary number in the rotate x,y,z channels.

the main goal here is to share rigged character out of blender with other software users like maya. FBX file format seems to be a good choice, but the arbitrary value in rotation channels pose a difficulty in consistency.
much appreciated if anyone has any suggestions.