Blocked at final step. Please help


I could integrate cycles and bake textures. Now I need to export the baked model into GLTF.
My cycles transform is Z up, Right handed. Its Unit-of-measure is in Meter.
GLTF uses Y-UP axis-system and Unit-of-measure is centimeter.
Now I need to convert my transform to Y-UP axis-system and centimeter.

I could not do it. I googled and tried some matrix transformations but no luck. The meshes are miss-positioned.

Any help?

Thanks in advance

My advice is – look at Blender’s GLTF addon and see how it does this. The obj addon, too.

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It’s not really possible to give much useful advice without knowing more details about what mispositioned means, and this topic has little to do with Cycles rendering anyway.

In principle it’s just an additional matrix transform application to the whole scene. If there are parenting relations, the transform should not be applied to children.