Blender's Text and 2.8 Improvements + Motion Tracking and More (Blender Flaws)

When I transfered from Cinema4d to Blender, I wasn’t disappointed :slight_smile:
Blender was wayyyyy easier to model in, texture in, work in but I noticed one big problem.
In Cinema4d text was ALOT better. In Blender it’s alright but to change fonts you have to open their
files, that was very odd to me. In all the programs I tried, that was never a thing. Later, I also discovered
that the text wasn’t like Cinema4d in another way. I don’t want to elaborate on that too much since animation nodes sort of fixes that problem. Basically, in Cinema 4d you can use an object to offset each letter separately with ease. Also, in Cinema4d it’s very easy to fracture text and make split it into pieces using the voronoi fracture, but in Blender, you have to go through many steps such as converting the text to a mesh, using a remesh modifier to clean the vertices up drastically and then using the cell fracture addon to do some weird cuts, even then, it can be buggy and bring all sorts of odd results. Motion tracking is very advanced in Blender but it takes too much effort just to place some text on a video, maybe in 2.8 motion tracking should start out simple and if you tick an advanced checkbox (like in the particle system) new options pop up which allow you to change focal length and more.

To summarise, I think Blender 2.8 should do quite a bit of work on their text (basically make it more like Cinema4d ;)) And also they should simplify the motion tracker. I know this is a pretty long rant but if this would be done then Blender 2.8’s major flaw would be removed and it could then match other paid 3d programs in that aspect. (Also Cinema4d addons are better hehe but that’s not Blender’s fault lol)