Blender's default timeline should start at frame 0 and end at 239

Hey guys,

I would like to propose a small but significant change in the default Blender start file.

That is the default timeline frame should start at frame 0 and not frame 1.

The way it’s done in every single NLE, (non linear editor), DaVinci Resolve, Premiere Pro etc.
This is an industry-standard in the video editing world. And Blender should work the same.

I come from the video editing world. And I instantly noticed that. It looks very amateurish.

This should be a very easy fix.

End frame should be set to 249 then by default :wink:

Actually since Blender’s default frame rate is 24. It should be 0-239 for a clean 10 second rendering.

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It’s all perspectives because Blender is a 2D/3D Animation Software with many capabilities not a specialized one, what may seem wrong to you it’s right for someone else.

I would suggest this change in the video editing template since that’s what you’re looking for or save your startup file.