hello every one
wish to all be happy and healthy
i’m new here
i have new idea to change the way of blendering
it will make it very very very fast and no body can believe it how it become so fast
i wish i can contact to the general manager of Blender Team Community so that i can explain it with clear description
and to give you a clue of my idea
it will change the time of the blendering …i mean before you do blenering to your work it will make the time when you do a viewing of your work (animation of even an image ) this time it will be the exact time to the normal time of blendering

for example :-
the time when you do Preview to your work is : 10 minutes
the time when you start to do blenering to your work is one hour
and my idea it will make the time of blendering the same time of a Preview
i wish i can contact to the general manager or any other important person to explain how my idea can do it
and i’m sure it will change the blender of blendering totally
and also i’m sure the other all application which they are using normal blendering way that they will use my IDEA also
you can contact me on my skype: meik2020
thanks to every
with my best wish to every one

Please share ideas here in public. Blender is an open project, we can’t work on ideas that are not shared and reviewed by the teams.


hello Sir
how are you to you and to every
from your replying to me it means you didn’t get me
it’s not about to share it
what i mean is i want to improve Blender org with my new Idea
i’m not refusing to share it with any one
i just want to discuss it with some one in private and after that idea will success or possible to apply to blender so it’s ok we can share to to all people on public
because i don’t want any other company take my idea and apply it to them product before we apply it to Blender first
i think now you get what i mean
so would you please can talk or messaging in private first after that we can share it in public
because it’s really will change the blender totally
this is my contacts again
on skype: meik2020 or by email:

thank you so much Sir
with my best wishes

it’s too funny what I thought. I can’t resist :joy:

what’s makes it funny …it’s ok i have to control my self not to get angry because i wish every one to be happy
thank you

Discussing it with a group of devs makes much more sense. Don’t be afraid, this is a good community!

Agree, in the end the idea would go public and if it’s a good one it won’t stop anyone from copying it, that’s the nature of Blender, the only thing you cannot copy in a private project is the code because it’s protected (thank god or we could have an “Autodesk Banander” software :rofl:), but ideas are open and free.

Discussing it privately may make sense in a private company environment, where IP is one of the most important things to protect, while in Blender the idea is that the IP, while is one of the most important things, is ment to be known by anyone to be used by anyone, to be shared, to be free, anyone can leverage Blender, the knowledge and the experience from using it.

So I agree, don’t be afraid, if it’s a good idea and you want it in Blender, just talk about it here.

i can’t say it here because i hate and also i don’t like to be embarrassing here in public because i’m so sensitive person and also i like to do somethings is very helpful and useful for the the humanity
and as i mentioned before that’s ok with me to write it here in public after i found it’s possible to work and can add it to Blender program
so i wish you understand now
thanks to every one and i wish all success to all of you

i think you start to know my Idea that you will not need to do the normal way to do rendering …and to give you a clue …it will be an extension we will need to build in inside Blender so that we can use it to do rendering to any project and it will make the rendering very fast direct while we are do testing to the work in a separate window of rendering

Ok, if you don’t want to discuss it publicly until you know if it’s possible or not I recommend you to prepare a design document and share it kind of “privately” over Blender chat with one or two developers, but don’t just tell the idea, develop the idea in the design document clearly enough so anyone can understand it.

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Adding to what Juan said:

Sharing an idea in public always risks attracting idiots. My advice is grow a thick skin and ignore them.

As a software developer, a scenario I have scene over and over is something like this:
Guy A: I have a Totally Genius Idea!
Guy B: Interesting, but it violates the laws of thermodynamics (or some other problem). Hey, what if we do…
Guy A: Hmm. Yeah, we could…

My advice: whatever you do, take the time to write up a document so people can understand your idea. Writing it down will force you to clarify it in your own mind.