Blender to Maya rig compatibility

I am working in Maya and Blender. Blender for modeling and Maya for rigging and animation. I would like to use 100% Blender for rigging, but it is not compatible with my animators due to different bone hierarchy in outliner in Blender and Maya. If the mesh with bones in fbx file is imported from Blender to Maya, it creates new parent Empty called Armature. Maya on the other side is not generating this Empty parent. It can be manually removed by artist but it is more work. So this process cant be automatized. It would be nice if blender will create same structure as maya (by not adding that empty object). I would like to use blender for everything, but now it is now possible for my pipeline.


I don’t see how that is possible in any practical way. A rig requires setting up specific constraints, inverse kinematics, controls, drivers, … and all that stuff is really specific to each 3D app.

Exporting armatures between different 3D apps is usually limited to baked animation and simple skinning for games, nothing more.