Blender Reel

I think blender has come along way since the showreels of the past. I think it’s important for the blenders brand as blender still has the stigma of being unprofessional and for hobbyists. Besides, it would be really cool to see a really epic blender reel.
Here is a list of work I think should be showcased.

blender animtation studio
	Tears of Steel
	Cosmos Laundromat
	Agent 327
	Coffee Run
	Spright Fright
Tangent Animation
	Next Gen
	Maya and the Tree
I Lost My Body
Cartoon Saloon
Ian Hubert
	Ed Sheeran: South of the Border
	Dynamo Dream
Midge Sinnaeve
	+motion graphic loops
Barnstorm Vfx
	Man In The High Castle
	The Order*
	Project Bluebook*
	Strange Angel*
Goodbye Kansas Studios
	The Walking Dead
	Unity- Adam Demo
Daniel Bystedt
	The Tiger- At The Top Of The Hill
	Sharing A dream
	Rabbids Invasion: Mission to Mars
Real By Fake
	Northwell Commercial
	Flexseal Commercial
	Swamp Thing
	Lathal Weapon
	Station 19
	The Gifted
Sean Kennedy
	So You Think You Can Dance Titles
	Secret Magic control agency
Studio Khara
	Evangelion: 3.0+1.0
	Simon Thommes
Martin Klekner
	Heroes of Bronze
Curts Holt
	Cosmic Drift
KDE Promote
	Plasma 5.21: A Very Pretty Thing
Jama Juribaev
Colin Levy
Rachel Frick

*presumed to be used in production

These examples do showcase blender in vfx, motion graphics and animation but this does not showcase archviz so that is a area in which will need a bit of research for.


Ohh, love the idea :slight_smile:

This is a nice list.

I suppose, ‘‘we’’ should wait a bit, since some of those are not release yet, as Maya and the Tree, Spright Fright or Rabbids Invasion: Mission to Mars.

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i didn’t think of that, Spright Fright there is footage available though the I think only one or two shots should be use cause spoiler, but maya and the three (I searched it up and it turned out I was typing it wrong :confused: ) and rabbids probably isn’t possible

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for archviz poliigon could be maybe used as an example, though they use all software

I think it’s a great idea to update the Blender reel for 2021, for archviz I think @JuanGea can help :slight_smile:


It would be my pleasure to provide some of our material for the reel, also I think @JoniMercado can provide material too :slight_smile:


Of course. I have a sink and a faucet ready to be shared. :slight_smile: thanks for the consideration Juan.


But you are sure Wizart used Blender for their latest animation? Can you provide some links about your listed works. Thanks

I did check there website

I didn’t include other ones because I didn’t Secret Magic control agency is the only one that has blender usage confirmed, and I couldn’t find any info on when they started using blender
plus the blender foundation sponsors

What people tend to forget, is that you need permission to use footage from movies and shorts.
And most of the time, that permission doesn’t come from the studio who created the footage.
A lot of times it has to come from the companies who paid for it. :wink:

Heck, I often don’t get permission to use images or footage for personal promotion from a client.

Maybe people like @BlenderBob can supply Blender created footage if the companies they work for allow it.


It depends on the project, for example as a studio we have right to show our work for promotion, as long as it’s not behind an NDA, and this would count as promotion, but other studios may have trouble if the material has not gone public yet.

Oh well I’ve checked few month ago and this is a recent news also for the integration of cycles in the pipeline, next step, animation with Blender :slight_smile:

Yes, as a company you might be able to use the footage for your own promotion.
But we’re talking about a Blender real, which includes the BF as another party in the permission mix :wink:

if this project is successful then it would be published on the blender foundation youtube channel so I that could work. It probably depends on the copyright laws in the netherlands

On the last stream, Pablo said that Blender was used on the projects “Love, Death & Robots” and in the official trailer for “Watch Dogs Legion”.
The question is, why is it not advertised anywhere.? Why do we learn this information from the artist / studio developer?
There are many studios working in Blender, but at the same time on the official channel there are no examples of real “large” works of various companies?
Why a person who is not familiar with Blender can only remember the credits for Spider-Man 2 and that’s it.
Autodesk, if of course you can mention it on this forum, constantly uploads demos with real projects, and therefore everyone is aware of which project their software was used on. This greatly influences the popularity of software. A person is not interested in Blender Studio projects, he needs blockbusters or animated cartoons with a worldwide reputation.
I myself can only remember “The Man in the High Castle”

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studios don’t tend to advertise what software they use. poeple tend to presume they use maya or 3dsmax. Usually employees like @hyperfx of COSA VFX and @Funnybob of Real By Fake tend to break the news. That’s not to say it doesn’t happen. For example Barnstorm, Tangent Animation.


Any software product can be recognized by the color of the mesh and the viewport. You will never mix up Maya / 3d max and Blender.

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that is true though a lot of reels just use the ao pass instead of using the viewport shading.

i’ve just seen this video, its got some nice examples that i didn’t know before