Blender problem with windows management


i work with three monitors, and 3 different windows of blender, when i move my mouse cursor from a first window to another, i need to click on the window first before any input could work, instead of hover my cursor over the window…

for example:
-window 1 node edito
-window 2 3d edito
-i want to move my mouse from the shader editor to the 3d view to select another object, instead of clicking one time to the desired object i need to click two time because the first click is to tell blender that i dont work anymore on the first windows but on the second one, and the second click is for my selection …

its a really small problem but really annoying, in 2.79, to avoid this problem i just needed to make one large blender windows that take all of my three screens… but i can’t do that anymore because of the active tool header …

im on windows 10, i dont know if its like that with other OS …

how to avoid this extra click?
any ideas? change something in blender pref? change something in windows?


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Maybe you can use WinAero Tweaker and use the XMouse option to track (soft focus) a window without bringing it infront of other windows. It allows a minimum of 100ms hover delay before tracking is activated, which is enough for most cases.

The alternative is to use Windows’ built-in function from the Ease of Access Center, which is horrible in comparison.

Thanks a lot this program work like a charm !!!