Blender particle hair thickness controll - Texture or waight

We can not control hair thickness using texture and weight values when using hair particles in Blender. I wonder if the Blender development team plans to improve this.

It is very important to me and I have a question.

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If I understand your picture correctly, you want the texture to influence the Density of the hair particles (number of hairs per unit of area). This works for a Texture added to the Particle System.

Thickness would refer to the diameter of hair strands.

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To make natural hair, it is necessary to adjust the thickness by using texture or weight value.
Blender artists have created several layers of hair particles to express their hair in various ways.
It is inefficient to use multiple layers to control hair thickness.

I have done a lot of tests to express my hair naturally.
It is too difficult to simulate a hair that is divided into several parts when I try to make a real hair and simulate it.

In Blender, hair length and hair density can be controlled, but the thickness can not be controlled.
What I’m talking about is not the difference in thickness between the roots and the ends of a single hair. The thickness of the entire hair must be able to be arranged naturally.

In fact, most programs are already being done.
I have been waiting for years to improve on this, but it has not changed.

Blender is a very grateful program for me.
I also praise Blender developers.

Nevertheless, I hope that the Blender hair part is an important part of the improvement,
I will try to make a good work with Blender.
I love Blender.

Thank you for your interest in my article.

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Yes, this appears to be a missing feature currently. It would be a nice feature, but things like this probably won’t be looked at before the 2.80 release, and even then perhaps not for a while.

The particles/hair system I general could use lots of improvements to make it more flexible and powerful, and may become part of the ‘Everything Nodes’ project.


It is really cool that the particles / hair system can be controlled by this node. I am really looking forward to it. I would like to see a new particle / hair system soon.

Thanks for the answer.