Blender particle brush

Hello Developers, Thanks for Blender.
I have got to know about 2.80 from last 1 year and I have got to know that users can suggest some useful information for the 2.80 build so I thought my suggestion will be useful

I have added a canvas and a brush with particle system.
I made both the object rigid and made the particle collide with rigid body world.
Now when I start running(Alt+A) the particle flow from the brush and paint the canvas like in the substance painter. but I can move the object with surface magnet so that my brush stick with the canvas too.
I think It will be good to add a method which is similar to sculpt brush so that we can make it without lot of procedures.
And the paint is not based on any image resolution, It needs more vertex to get this effect.
I don’t know where to suggest so I posted it here in development Talk

Tamil Selvan