Blender in architecture

Hay all.
I recently switched from comercial programs to open sours with intention (and with a strong beliefe) to see is it posible to maintain an architectral project without standard softwares. I must admit, blender made a huge impact on me. With years in using 3ds max and rhino3d i was surpriced with the quality of comunity driven software.
Back to the point, blender helped me with the presentation part (modeling and rendering) and gimp for postproduction. One thing that I was lacking was the 2d drafting(If someone asking, there is a free trial for bricsCAD and its the only software that could even open a bigger project). On windows I mainly used rhinoceros3d for most of my techinical stuff.
My question is, is there any plans to bring blender close to architect with some techincal drawings tools, or if there is someone willing to work with me in that area(I’m using C# and recently started to learn C but still not too much then a noob).


I’m not familiar with architectural workflows and some of those programs you mentioned.
But there is a buildin addon for Precision Drawing and CAD being actively developed.
Github Page:
Thread: Making an Add-on for Precision Drawing Tools (CAD)

I don’t know if it’s what you are looking for, but might help

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You should discover two important addons:

Archipack Pro - Bienvenido -

And Blender BIM -

they both work together, also the PDT addon, and the “CAD Transform” addon: CAD Transform for blender

You’ll love them, and you may collaborate with them, also maybe you can help in something to @mano-wii he was doing several improvements to precission modeling tools and snap I think :slight_smile:


Didn’t know about archipack. Seams lake a great potential, especially in residential architecture. I’m still exploring all the possibilities of the software but if I can help, I will be glad (as much of my skills allowes me-if not in the code then definitely from user experience perspective since I worked on different kind of CAD/CAM/3d modeling packages).

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