Blender git builds available for openSUSE Tumbleweed

Hi Blenderistas out there,

just in case, you’re using the fantastic rolling release of openSUSE Tumbleweed, and consider to use a current Blender build, here’s the deal:

zypper ar -kf
zypper in blender-git

Based on the packaging work of Dave Plater, I’ve adopted it to git master, added the missing dependencies, cleaned up the spec, enabled everything that is expected from an official blender release, é voila.

Diverging from official buquet, it has embree built in. It might be worth to create/package different cycles packages for the various build options available. BTW: it looks, like CUDA is doing fine as well, after the usual homework is done, of course.

Unfortunately, I’m a Blender noop, my 13 years old son is the Blender guy, here.
But I’m learning… I’m more into compilers, python, packaging complex software projects.
So please bear with me, when it comes to using Blender…

I’m attempting to build blender from git master every 2-3 days, but depending on popularity and demand, other (automated) builds are setup easily.

Hence, feedback is much appreciated.

And remember to have fun. And dance.


Hi, I build by myself but many Blender user can´t so nice work.
May you publish at
too. I guess your son has an account. :slight_smile:

Cheers, mib

Thanks for your encouraging response, @mib2berlin.

Will follow your advice in a few minutes :wink:

Cheers to Berlin,

Just FYI: within that repo, there are (all) 3 blender versions available: 2.79b, 2.80, and 2.81-git, that happily coexist with each other.

Enjoy the flight.