Blender 2.80 in openSUSE Factory (Tumbleweed)


my Blender 2.80 submission to openSUSE Factory was accepted today by Dave Plater, but we’re unable to activate the build with a couple of optional libraries, namely OpenSubdiv, openvdb and alembic. These are new packages, and as such take much longer to be accepted in the distribution unfortunately.

In order to gently push the responsible maintainers with profound arguments, I would like to know, what concrete consequences this omission will have exactly. Occlusion if openvdb and alembic will cut the supported import/export formats, but which, anything else?

What are the consequences of a missing OpenSubdiv? Which render engines are affected? Eevee, Cycles, both, workbench rendering, anything else?

While at it, I build Blender including embree, as announced here. Could including embree have any adverse effects on using Blender?

Thanks for taking time to read this, and your well-founded answers :wink:

Cheers, Pete

I’m just a user, but I can tell you that without opensubdiv (they are the subdivision surface of the mesh), practically without them you make half blender or almost useless …

for a more general opinion … without all these features … so much the better that a user downloads a local zip.
it makes no sense to use a detuned blender.

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Thanks @nokipaike for your feedback.

Okay, thanks for confirmation. Will add this to the submit request.

Just for the records, the Blender builds in my home project are feature complete, it’s the “official” build channels, that currently lack these build options. I except those packages to be accepted in the next few days.

Sure, but even nicer is typing zypper in blender and be ready, isn’t it? Even nicer, any updates are fetched within the usual distribution update mechanisms. As a bonus, given my repo is activated, you’re able to zypper in blender27 blender blender-git to install all current and legacy blender versions side by side.

The efficient package management is one of the greatest improvements of a current linux distribution over traditional OSes…

I’ve done roll outs (and keep current) of such applications for say 50 workstations within a couple of seconds in the past. You can’t beat this with zip-based installations… :relaxed:

Hi, missing openvdb and alembic is not important for most parts of Blender.
Alembic is an in/export format and OpenVDB is a cache system for smoke simulations and iirc part of the new remesh modifier (not in master yet).
OpenSubdiv is essential for modelling, without Blender is really useless as @nokipaike mention.
By the way Blender stable from official repository missed it too so I guess nobody can use it.

Cheers, mib

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well … then you insist that pieces are not lost.
it would be a real waste.

You lost me here. What pieces are you talking about?

this pieces :slight_smile:

Be assured, that - given, it takes some work to build these libraries in a way, that has a good chance of being accepted as part of the official openSUSE distribution - we will not loose them!

In fact, as soon as they’re accepted, I will add the word out four times to the blender spec, add a note to the changelog, and voilá, we will have a full featured build half an hour later…

As dumb as I am as a Blender user, as good I am as a packager, and I’m very dump as a user :wink:

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Hi Pete,

Are you also the maintainer of Blender for Opensuse Leap 15.2? If yes, do you intend to submit version 2.80 to that repo? Up till now I only see 2.79.

Cheers, Jogchum

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Just talked to the release manager of Leap 15.2, but because this release is related to SLE, they’re unable to change the system python release (from 3.6 to 3.7) in this stage.

I looks like building a private Python 3.7 instance is the only feasible way to get a proper Blender release for 15.2 :worried: This will be quite some work to do…

Let your request simmer a bit in my head. :wave:

Hi Jogchum,

it looks like a Python 3.6 compatibility is easier than expected. I’m preparing a 2.80 build in my home project. Don’t know, if all dependent libraries will make it into 15.2, though.

@frispete probably tomorrow will be released blender 2.81 as stable version, should be nice find in Opensuse 15.2 last blender version released instead one older. thank you

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Hi Pete, thanks a lot, would be magnificent!

cheers, Jogchum

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Hi @NiCapp and @jehojakim,

Blender 2.80 and 2.81 (including image denoiser) is available for all relevant Leaps as well as Tumbleweed now. Both install in parallel, hence it’s a matter of:

# choose the one, that's matching your system
zypper ar -kf
zypper ar -kf
zypper ar -kf
zypper ar -kf
# and
zypper in blender blender-281

and you have both Blenders at your fingertips.

All new libraries for Blender 2.80 are submitted to Leap 15.2 now. Since Blender 2.81 gained a new dependency, it needs to go though the legal review process, which is taking some time… I will do my best to get a full featured 2.81 into the distribution soon.

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@frispete thanks a lot, I am an old (Open)SUSE user from 9.3, since then I use OpenSUSE Tumbleweed as primary OS, so I appreciate your repository and your work to share the blender in SUSE/OpenSUSE

post scriptum I compile my Blender, but having a second chance to download and use Blender is welcome, in particular by users who do not compile it themselves

p.p.s you should advertise your repository a lot, it is not easy to find it in the midst of other tens of repo

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@frispete Fantastic! Thanks a lot! I myself use TW, my son Leap, so now we can have the same version.

cheers, Jogchum

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Hey guys, thanks a lot for your feedback!


I am an old (Open)SUSE user from 9.3

Similar here, I started with 4.3… The 9.3 was that one distribution, that run longest on many of my systems. Today, I’m using TW mostly everywhere besides servers.

post scriptum I compile my Blender, but having a second chance to download and use Blender is welcome, in particular by users who do not compile it themselves

Well, I beg to differ :wink:. I never run any serious project compiled manually. Packaging/OBS sucks at times, but the additional time invest pays off at the first update… Besides all the small details, like stack protection, dependency tracking, jemalloc optimization. Too many details with the potential to break or weaken things.

p.p.s you should advertise your repository a lot, it is not easy to find it in the midst of other tens of repo

Yes, I know. Will start a new advertising round, when 2.81 is in TW. The OBS search results are, hmm, improvable. OTOH, it forces me to get my builds upstream :smirk:. What I hate most are crippled builds in the distribution (which scares the interested parties away, and sheds a bad light on the whole project, which is awesome).


Fantastic! Thanks a lot! I myself use TW, my son Leap, so now we can have the same version.

Hehe, and your son is the better Blenderer, I bet! Is he? At least mine is (but he’s using TW as well).

Please let me know, if you find any issues. Testing the Leap versions specifically is much appreciated.

And don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any ideas on how to improve that builds. The build details are in the .spec files. The blender specs aren’t the easiest to read, though. It is meant to resemble the “official” builds in the most similar way. (Well, apart from including embree and falling back to Python 3.6 for the Leaps, that is…).

While at it, do you use any must have Add-Ons?

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@frispete when you make your reply, Blender 2.81 was officially released :fireworks::beers:

Until you, Blender officially released from (Open) SUSE does not have CUDA support, so the main resource was when buildbox worked or compile Blender yourself. You\u0027re right but using ccmake to change these delicate things is not so difficult, I will use your blender just to check it