Blender for iPad Pro, please!

As you all probably know the iPad Pro is really getting into the industry as a powerful tool for 2D concept artist, along with Procreate as a substitute to Photoshop due expensive subscribtion plans and the way Adobe used to revoke elder perpetual licenses. Some time ago, the only piece of hw you could think of to get some work done on the go was the Wacom Mobile Studio, which unfortunately is really expensive (3500€ +) and not so powerful, with a very limited battery duration. This made artists prefer a traditional sketchbook along with a pencil or a pen as travel companions. I tested the iPad pro with Procreate by my self and can assure it’s an incredibly pleasing experience. Affinity Designer, Photo and some interesting 3D apps are starting to get into the business too. Apple developers claim that iPad pro is more powerful than the average notebook and it’s pretty believable in my experience. Not that I’m an Apple fun, I don’t like Apple at all, but the iPad pro is an exception which I really think could replace notebooks entirely. Adobe already made the original Photoshop available on the iPad pro and we all know it’s some really unoptimized, heavy piece of sw. Now, I invite and beg you, developers, to really start thinking about making Blender available for the coming versions of the iPad pro too, not only because it will help artists which often move here and there, but because it will also boost Blender as an art tool in general in respect to the competitors. Please don’t tell me this won’t become a reality one day. I’m only wating that moment to buy an iPad pro. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Personally I don’t think that become true option soon, Blender isn’t studied for this devices, but you can also use Blender with Ipad pro, otherwise reconsider your priority for now and buy a Microsoft surface

It would at least be great to have some modules available, grease pencil for instance. Full functionality would likely be a cumbersome nightmare but there’s some pretty good 3D apps on iOS that prove the model already works, and the Pencil / iPad combo is one of the best, if not the best digital drawing tools I’ve used…


With the addition of the Magic Keyboard and mouse functionality as well pencil I’m surprised Ton and the team hasn’t made an iPadOS version of Blender that can be used on the iPad Pro by indie artists and studios. With the next iPad Pro rumoured to use a chip similar to the M1 it will be interesting to see if the Blender team will reconsider their R&D to include the iPad Pro. I find myself using the iPad Pro more due to it’s versatility and power.


Hey Blender, the new M1 Ipad Pro features the same chipset available on some of the M1 MAC OS Devices. And I’m certain that Blender is available on the new M1 MACS.

To the best of my knowledge, that’s the same chip architecture used in the New Ipad Pro, I Would like the blender devs do something about this and consider an Ipad OS port. I don’t know if it will be possible to port blender to the older versions of the Ipads as we haven’t seen any iterations of Blender on the Apple A series Chipsets.

I’m not trying to be selfish and I’m also not saying you should prioritise the new Ipad pros to the older ones, I’m just saying it’s more realistic to port blender to the newer Ipad pros; since it’s the same chipset used in the M1 MAC OS Devices, therfore It should be Viable to port blender to the new Ipad Pros. And if it’s possible to port blender to the older Ipads, that makes it even better.

Blender Devs, hear our Voices :pray:t4:


Absolutely! Blender for M1 iPad, PLEASE!!! A Net-render client for iOS is way enough, it can make the render all-night, silently, while we sleep, or just while we do other jobs on our desktop computer. Just make it seamless.


Definitely, You are right on that. I hope they hear our voices :pray:t4:


You know guys, this might be sooner than we think. I saw this when I check the architecture of the “Apple Silicone” Blender I downloaded and I saw this:

Could this be a sign that Blender developers are trying to port Blender to iOS with the Universal 2 SDK?


No there are no such plans or changes in the code to create an iOS build as of now.
Maybe arch arm64 is being considered valid for both iOS and macOS.


Thanks for clarifying. I guess it is just a mis-selection of platform in the project setting then. Still hoping for a Blender for iOS anyway.

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One of the problems preventing Blender going to an iPad, amongst others, and that I remember, is that there are several conflicts with the App Store requirements and licensing and the GPL.

So MAYBE it can be compiled for the M1 iPad IF iPad OS uses Metal and has access to OpenGL backend I imagine, as any MacBook Pro, but I-m not sure if that’s the case.

Also you can use Blender with the iPad Pro if you have a MacBook Pro using SideCar, and you can use the apple pencil, I’m doing it now, and the experience is not the best one because Blender is not prepared for a full tactile interface.

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Yet, an iPad M1 version would be cardinal. Just imagine that you bought an iPad M1 just because you wanted an iPad. So while you model in Blender, it’s unused. How efficient could it be to start a render process on the iPad while you continue your modelling on your Mac M1, another project.

The question is not if it would be useful, I can see the benefits, but there are different problems mentioned in my previous post :slight_smile:

are looking forward to. Blender on iPad because iPad is small and affordable. and very powerful + stylus control!
only pluses! I tried to put the blender on my phone through the Linux emulator. very poor performance and did not get to work on the road. and as for ipad, it will be a full-fledged working device. considering that we already have such software as ArmorPaint

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@madison-3 I already explained the problems, is not that it could not be wonderful, apart from all the UI/UX work that would have to be done, because right now you can try the UX with a macbook pro using the ipad as a secondary screen and without a mouse and a keyboard the UX is horrible, but there are benefits.

But there is a biggest thing, the license and it’s incompatibility with the App Store EULA, I’m not entirely sure about this point because it’s been a while since I received this information, but nothing has changed in this regard so far, so it’s simply not possible, not because of will or work, but because of a license collision.

I see the same problems

  • Open Source License
  • Do all the work

Basically only will happen if apple do it. THinking only in a 1:1 port, no a tactil port.

I think focusing on Sculpting is a good idea.I also use Nomand with iPad,but the experience is not as good as Blender on Desktop.So I asume Blender with stremlined features will be very nice.

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Apple allows you to specify custom EULA language that overrides the incompatible parts of the default App Store EULA. This is how iSH gets away with shipping an entire Linux distro’s userland in an app. You could probably ship a hypothetical Blender port under the same terms and still remain complaint with GPL and any other applicable licenses.

I actually made a half-hearted attempt at getting Blender to build for iPad a few months ago… but I got stuck halfway through debugging all the dependencies’ build systems that I broke along the way. If you’re curious, the code in question is here, but I probably should rebase this and have another go at it at some point.


I wonder if there is any interest from Blender devs or Apple to make this happen. Blender on iPad would be big :smiley:

Hi guys, This topic is quite interesting, is there a specific way for PadOS, if I ignore the Ipad, it is too much of a waste for such powerful hardware.