Blender Cycles Server Side Rendering

Hi everyone!

I currently have a free web based app that uses Babylon.js - it allows users to create 3D scenes (drag and drop gltf meshes, upload texture, compose material, apply them to meshes, etc.), which can then export to a blender file.

Then I’d like to use Blender Cycles on the server side (possibly with python) to create a photo realistic render of that scene snapshot.

My question is:
Does Blender Python API fully support all Cycles features on server side?
If so, is there a get started/installation document somewhere?

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What exactly do you mean with “server side” here? The one you are writing yourself, something like Blender’s network rendering support, something else?

With the Blender Python API you can set up a scene and render it, all the Cycles features should work.

Getting started with this is no different than other Python scripting in Blender. There are the Python API docs, as well as many tutorials, videos and books you can find on the web.

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Yes, I need a headless python server with blender using shell command lines (or python) to use Cycles for rendering realistic snapshot of a blender scene file sent by the client from browser. Not network rendering support.

Thank you, this is what I wanted to know.