Blender crashes while rendering on Ryzen CPU


Hi guys
I faced with some strange problem. Two mounth ago i built my new rig on Ryzen7 2700 CPU instead of Intel 5820k. And Decided to run some CPU benchmarks. So first as Usual was Cinebench15 and everything was alright then was turn of Blender. And first test with bmw benchmark crashed Blender. It just turned off monitor like crash of GPU drivers and when it is on Blender disapeared. So then i decied to test on official blender benchmark my GPU runs all tests great but CPU crashes this bench in the same way either. =( Tryied Indigo benchmark everything ok on it. And my scenes render great but what a chance that this bug will not happen again on them.
P.S Guy with same problem

Rendering with CPU crashes Blender (AMD Ryzen 7)

This is more than likely memory related. Are you running any specific memory profile? A forum I can recommend to get help with manually configuring you memory is


First it crashed on auto profile so I Tried various memory profiles, same results. And I found one more scene that results blender crushing.


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