Blender Cell Fracture


I have a scene that I’m trying to accomplish with a chess piece breaking. The simulation looks okay when the scale is massive however I can’t get the sim to work with the piece being the correct scale. While it’s at the correct scale the simulation just explodes rather than falling. I’ve attached the blend file if anyone would like to take a look. I’d really like to get this working.

I’m also following a tutorial just so you can see where I’m hoping to take this:

Blend file:

You likely need to adjust the collision margin, this is used to give a bit of artificial spacing between rigid bodies to improve stability and reduce things clipping through each-other. It does not scale automatically and is found on each rigid body’s properties in the physics tab. If you have any further issues outside of development I would recommend asking on stack exchange instead of devtalk. image

I’ve changed that and even made it zero and that still doesn’t solve my problem

I’m okay with making the simulation larger if that’s what I need to do but when I make the simulation larger the connections seem very loose so when the simulations start the pieces sag too much

Well, sorry but thats all I got. I would ask the people on the blender stack exchange to help you hunt down the exact issue. Devtalk is for communicating development stuff and really not a help forum meant for user questions or support. Threads like this usually just get closed.