Blender build failed on 32 bit system (Debian)

The blender package has ftbfs issues on 32 system on Debian:
The build error is:

In file included from /<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/obj-mipsel-linux-gnu/source/blender/makesdna/intern/dna_verify.c:2:
/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/source/blender/blenlib/BLI_assert.h:80:37: error: static assertion failed: "DNA member offset verify"
   80 | #  define BLI_STATIC_ASSERT(a, msg) _Static_assert(a, msg);

In fact, I googled that was said the 2.8 was the last version to support 32 bit system, right?

I come to here is that the package built failed on these arches will cause the blender not to enter into testing or considered to be tagged by RC(I do not hope that).