Blender Benchmark CLI won't run if no access to Internet (but all the data is in the right place)?

I’ve noticed that with Blender Benchmark (CLI or UI), if you run it and download the data, then try to run it again with your internet access off, it terminates, saying:

ERROR: There was an error while communicating with the server.
ERROR: communication error: Get dial tcp: lookup no such host

Is it possible to address this issue? There are genuine needs to running this program without having it phoning home.

EDIT: Just to be more clear on this, these were the steps I did:

  • On a machine with internet access, I ran the benchmark to download Blender and all the scenes.
  • Finding where this downloaded data was located, I copied that onto a machine with no internet access.
  • Running the benchmark again, like this:
benchmark-launcher-cli benchmark bmw27 --blender-version 2.81a --device-type CPU --json --verbosity 3

fails because the launcher needs to contact the blender site on launch, which is not desired behaviour.

The benchmark client doesn’t ship with any of the benchmark scenes or even blender versions to actually run the benchmarks, it grabs those from the internet, i’m not aware of a complete offline version.

Hi @LazyDodo I downloaded the client and the scenes on one machine, and then transferred all of that to another machine. This second machine has all the data, just no internet access.

I added some instructions on how to run the benchmark offline here

Thanks! I actually do this already as my workaround and was hoping the executable would work. Anyway, thanks again.