Blender and image texture linking


Before I post, is there some sort of ticket system where we could push suggestions/features for devs? I could not find it anywhere.

I’m researching blender and testing what’s what from production/studio point of view.

I’m struggling a little with Images “location”. It appears that once I add the image into blender, there is no gui option to display the original path of the image. Like no image “proporties” if that make sense. I went via script and tried to recover image data via script which worked to the point…

Would it be possible for blender to store the “original path” of the image inside imageNode. Even if it has been converted to relative/absolute/anything else?

I did some import/exports scripts using with, link=link) as (data_from, data_to): and it appear that some images may get “lost” and have invalid paths to them.

Getting given image filepath/raw/user/etc/etc all result in an incorrect path to the image. Furthermore having thousand of images and all of them pointing to the same location pretty much is a show stopper for any large project/studio usage in my eyes…


If it’s a bug, the report it via the bug tracker which can be found from within Blender’s menu.

If it’s a feature request then the official chanel is

Otherwise post in an approriate discussion, here.
Or if you have something relevant to report in an open bug ticket you might also be able to post there. Though I’d reserve that for when you are sure on contributing because otherwise there will be a lot of noise for the devs.