Blender ACES Menu


I was wondering if anyone was looking into the horrible drop down menu? It really becomes a problem when switching to ACES and the amount of options are far greater than the size of the menu. I don’t believe the size of the drop down should change based on the zoom level of blender. The drop down menu should stay the same size. Also rather than just a massive block of options it should act like a standard drop down menu with a scroll. In theory seeing all your options at once sounds nice but in practice once you have too many options to see them all it becomes impossible to select the one you want.

It would be great to see this fixed sometime soon because otherwise it becomes nearly impossible to use ACES in blender which is a shame.


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We plan to add support for the organizing color spaces into submenus as part of the OpenColorIO 2 upgrade.


I agree that the menus should not scale with the interface. It’s also the case in the node editor. As for ACES, we did some cleanup to keep only what we needed otherwise it’s unworkable, The only issu we have with ACES is that the viewport render animation function doesn’t take it into account and the renders become super saturated.