Blender 4.2 - EEVEE-Next Feedback

Not sure if this is a bug but the console sometimes throws this error(?), but it seemingly doesn’t affect anything.

The main NPR studio using Blender, DillonGooStudios, has publicly announced that they don’t find Eevee Next fit for NPR and won’t be using it. NPR artists would be wise to follow suit and stay on Legacy


Plane Probe have a weird reflection bug
character in the picture is fully illuminated by laps, but at certain angles the light on him disappears in the plane probe

I am working on NPR projects too and I will port all shaders I can to EEVEE-Next and will make new ones for the ones impossible to port… I for sure don’t have any intention to get stuck to Legacy :slightly_smiling_face:

I understand DillonGooStudios, they build their pipeline on EEVEE-Legacy, it’s a pain to create one pipeline, having to do that twice is a torture… but eventually they will have to do it to keep up with the new features.


DillonGooStudios has its own custom build of Blender with an NPR Engine for creating 3D anime. Perhaps EEVEE-Next will improve those NPR features that EEVEE Legacy was lacking.

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How often does it happen?
It’s not something that should cause any issues on the user side, but it might be a symptom of something not working as it should.

This just means Blender tried to use the cache of a previously compiled shader, but the driver has failed to load it.
It can happen, for example, that after a driver update changes the cache format and cannot be used anymore, so Blender is prepared to handle such cases. But it could also be an error on our side.

What’s your OS/GPU?

Ok, I’ll bite. Source?

I get this on two separate devices with Windows 11, both with a Nvidia GPU. It seems to occur when i enter rendered view for the first time after opening a file. One it consistently happens on is the 4.1 splash screen from demo files.

There is also a crashing issue which can be reproduced on the 4.1 splash screen blend, that the file can randomly crash when entering rendered view #122924 - EEVEE-Next: Files randomly crash when entering rendered view - blender - Blender Projects, however this is most likely not related to subprocesses (unless it was broken by #122232 before the other patches were merged), as this started occuring before subprocesses were finished. I’d appreciate if this were looked into soon.

Ok, I have the same setup, so I’ll take a deeper look at it tomorrow.

As per the migration guide, you can use this setup to hide shadows per material.

tested, you are right. I missed it. Thanks for the info.

This is the DillonGoo Discord server


I assume that’s because devs are planning to develop a separate NPR engine. The thing is how are they going to maintain 4 engines in blender, that’s kinda hard of a task imo
upd I actually forgot theres also a hydra engine for usd rendering. Now it takes 5 : )

This isn’t strictly a Blender Eevee Next issue, as it also occurred in Legacy Eevee. However, I have a question:

Is there a way to smooth the shading (jagged edges) when using the “Shader to RGB” node with a Metaballs or GN Volume to Mesh workflow?

I’ve already tried using Shade Smooth, the Smooth Modifier, and Subdivision Surface, but that hasn’t given me the desired results.

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Conversion of materials with Shadow set to None should be automatic now starting from next 4.2 build.
Note that this will only work for files saved before the removal of EEVEE-Legacy.


I have been converting my addon (a lighting visualizer) to 4.2 and this is the roadblock i am hitting when trying to do a “gobo” projection (spot light projected texture or rather an image mask):

For completeness: In Cycles, i use an Emission node with an Image texture.
In Eevee (legacy), i position a plane in front of a spot light, set material to Transparent BSDF and connect an Image (image sequence, as i need to be able to keyframe it). I call it a “gobo plane”.

(Do note that there is an emission plane behind the spotlight, to mimic the light source, please disregard that.)

Gobo plane placement (close up detail):

Spot light and the resulted projection:

In Eevee (next), if i do the same, there is no projection of the gobo mask with the same settings as in Legacy, but, if i move the gobo plane away from the spot light, something comes out:

I marked the position of the gobo plane, where it starts showing the image mask projection. If i try to position the gobo plane closer to the spot light, it the projection disappears. I tried to play with spot light parameters but did not find a way to make it work the same as in Legacy. Is this a Eevee Next bug, a missing feature or do i need to approach it differently?
Thank you very much.

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this is my opinion so I can be completely wrong about EEVEE but that would be what happens in reality, in the case of a projector you have to use a lens to make the light rays converge and focus the image or use a very powerful and dense light like a Laser. you can also have a very small (in size) light so that it’s rays doesn’t get spread like in a light with a bigger size or area

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The area you see behind the spot light is another thing, please disregard that. The light source is very small and the image size is calculated to match the beam angle (spot size in Blender) at the distance of the plane from the spotlight. One can control the beam angle and the image plane size is automatically recalculated to match it, so the projected image size changes with the beam. This approach works in Legacy.

On Cycles I used Gobos by having the mask on the lamp shader… isn’t it possible on Eevee-Next!? I haven’t tested it yet but at least the lamps shader seems to now activate just like on Cycles.

Yes, In Cycles (BlenderDMX supports both modes of rendering, Cycles and Eevee) i use an Emission node with an Image texture, but that doesn’t seem to work in Eevee-Next.