Blender 4.2 - EEVEE-Next Feedback

In the latest version, every time I use the above World Shader setup (Is Camera Ray plugged on a Mix Shader Fac) EEVEE crashes immediately.

No crashes on Legacy or Cycles, in which the setup also work as expected.

Can someone please confirm?


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I can only confirm that EEVEE is not working at all…
As soon as I switch to material or render preview, blender closes…


Can confirm, not working at all in windows latest build

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Can you just start reporting this on bugtracker?
Every day there is a new build, what is the purpose of notifying every person in this thread that it doesn’t work?


whos notifying who here? a couple crash confirmations really bothers you?
yes i confirm too, its crashing. then what?

take your little tiff somewhere else, and stop tracking this thread if you dont want to hear about other peoples feedback

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first and final warning for this thread


So is it appropriate and on-topic to share crash confirmations here or should that be done on the bugtracker? That’s the topic being discussed and the Code of Conduct doesn’t really clarify anything there


Feedback threads are somewhat flexible, it’s whatever the specific module wants to accept, not my call to make, overall moderation wise however i will try to swiftly put an end poor behaviour when things get a little bit too personal.


Whether they worked for pay or for free, I suspect a heck of a lot more people have worked on those game engines compared to eevee. As far as I know both eevee and eevee-next are herculean efforts by practically a single person with occassional minor help from a few other people and sometimes apple employees will show up to make sure it works faster on apple hardware. Am I wrong?

@thinsoldier I think you’re not wrong :slight_smile:

I remember Eevee origins like this:
Clement Foucault was sharing, at Blenderartists, his WIP work on a… separated branch of Blender that allowed it to display PBR textures.

Here’s the link:
Blender PBR viewport Branch

This caught everyone attention (including me that was praying for this since 2009) and eventually gain so much traction that green lighted Eevee :slight_smile: and Clement worked mostly, if not completely, alone on it.

This is how I saw it as spectator, don’t make a clue if it’s factual :sweat_smile:

But let’s talk about Armory game engine, because it also was pretty much ignited by a single person. Today is open source and is being developed by a team of volunteers, but back in the day was one person alone and in comparison with Eevee, the graphics were faster and featured more recent methods… If I recall correctly, Armory featured real time global illumination even before Unreal.

After the post, that you quote, I’ve been thinking (again)… and this is actually the key of all this… it feature more recent methods because it uses modern versions of the OpenGL api :slight_smile: Because Blender needs to be compatible with older machines and be robust, Eevee was limited to OpenGL 3.3 (I think) while Armory and GoDot were already taking advantage of OpenGL 4.xx. These days, at least GoDot, is even on Vulkan…

Anyway, I’ve seen some more names contributing to EEVEE-next, but they sure feel that can be counted by the fingers of a single hand :slight_smile:


I personally prefer rasterization more, its more crisp and texture detail is better, its more logical to use rasterization as a base and add raytraced features that can make us have both worlds, rasterization is not always slow, it depends on vulkan Vs opengl etc. that make impact on handling polygons and how advanced the code is in terms of optiimizations and especially grass or vegetation culling , many game engines handle many big scenes even without lods better than blender if only vegetative elements are added culling by cam or distance.

Texture detail should be the same between a rasterized and ray traced renderer as the texture detail is determined by the texture, not the renderer. As for rasterization being “more crisp” over all, it depends what you define as “crisp” and what render settings you use in the respective render engines.

Rasterization isn’t slow. And just like any piece of software, part of it’s performance is based on optimizations. It’s just that some of the techniques that many rasterization render engines use do not scale up to scenes of high complexity as well as ray tracing does. For example, if a rasterization render engine uses shadow maps for shadow rendering, and you want high quality shadows from many lights, then using ray tracing may be faster for the same or better quality.


I have downloaded the latest 4.1 build and going to EEVEE and not EEVEE Legacy doesnt seem to work with light shadows?

In fact I cant seem to get any raytracing to work, I have a RTX 3090.

I really would like to try out EEVEE-Next but every build I tested keeps crashing on 3 different computers when changing the viewport to viewport shading. I have tried the last 10 builds with a 3090 / AMD CPU combo and at least 3 of the latest builds on 2 other machines with NVIDIA / Intel combos.

Seems like I’m not the only one with this problem but I haven’t found a solution anywhere.

TESTED VERSION: blender-4.1.0-alpha+main.a39c16270ce5-windows.amd64-release

Today’s release, after many crashes in the releases of the previous days, is working for me.

Only good news today:

  • A rather complex shader setup using the ShaderToRGB node is giving very similar results in both EEVEE and Legacy. Some lighting discrepancies, but those may be due to some changed setting deep in the new version. Will keep looking

  • The previous problem with the world shader not respecting the Light Path node seems to be resolved.




@Jeroen-Bakker @fclem @brecht you might find this interesting:

Screen Space Indirect Lighting with Visibility Bitmask

Screen Space Horizon Global Illumination (Shadertoy Implementation)


Conditional Resampled Importance Sampling and ReSTIR

Conditional ReSTIR Prototype (Source code)


This build from this morning:


Is again working for me without those insta-crashes we’ve had for the past few days - Windows 10, 3060ti.

It doesn’t crash for me, indeed, but EEVEE Next lights aren’t working (no lights/shadows). Anyone else having this, too? Just to make sure it’s not faulty on my part

Lights (point and sun) are working for me, as well as shadows.

Confirm. Lights aren’t working in blender-4.1.0-alpha+main.a39c16270ce5-windows.amd64-release