Blender 2.9 suggestions

  1. Haven’t checked source, but inline assembly optimizations for renderers
  2. Possible blender GUI toolkit
  3. Scriptable 3d (ie sphere x; x.location.z = y+var) and other scriptable features such as compositing and shaders)
  4. More work on just drawing polygons
    4a. Tablet optimizations
  5. More use of c++ generics
  6. More intergration of 2d -> 3d like that plug-in
  7. Command interface to 3d
    8?. Check out la principia meachanica by sir Isaac Newton
  8. Asm optimization for x86-64 for all aspects of blender
  9. Vst3 support
  10. More video features in video editor

Also maybe for the next major or blender, a master function but requires heavy thinking

And yeah, working with a render farm as an official blender plug-in would bring in some income

Welcome to DevTalk!

Feature requests and improvement suggestion should be posted on Right-Click Select, unless you want to propose some feature or modification that you intend to implement yourself, then DevTalk is the right place to discuss the ideas.

That being said, your list seems to be a rather arbitrary collection of ideas without any explanation why something like this is needed, what this would improve for users, if it is even applicable to Blender and how you intend (us) to accomplish this. No matter if this post should be on Right-Click Select or DevTalk, explaining your suggestions would be a good idea.

Edit: I may have misunderstood your intention with this post. Are you suggesting that these should be topics for the next GSOC?

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You talking about VST instruments/effects, or something else?

yup, we’re talking midi keyboards and drum pads and everything

Hehehe… that would be awesome… but I don’t see that coming anytime soon…