Blender 2.83 crashing on Amd gpu

I can’t render high number of vertices models in blender 2.83(cycles) now as before with my amd rx 460 gpu.
blender just stop responding for half an hour and crashes. its never happend before with previous versions of blender. rendering with cpu work fine.

There’s been a bunch of issues with 2.83 and rendering with AMD GPUs see this task where most of the reports have been merged:

Some people experience artifacts, others experience crashes.

We still have trouble with AMD and 2.83+ to 2.9
Blender crash, and more often we got PC freeze (need reboot).
With 2.82 all works fine.
We are getting desperate here…

AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo (monitor)+ AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT (discrete)

Blender 2.82 in render, scene time 20sec per frame, with 2 youtube session 2k in play and game GuildWars2 (just for test…) opened, no problem, no crash.
Same thing with 2.83, render much faster like 14sec per frame, really unstable, random crash while render. If we open some youtube, or some other app that use graphics card, Blender stop render, and after about 15/20 sec, black screen driver reset, and then pc stalled, must restart physically.

If we open Guild Wars2 game, blender stop render asap, and crash 100%.

We tried with AMD Radeon™ Pro Duo (monitor) + AMD rx580 and same story.

Also viewport in 2.83 is much more responsive, but often crash all the system.
Changed the TDR values of the Registry and set to 60.
Better, sometimes computer didn’t crash, no more black screen and drivers reset, but blender sadly freeze completely so render stopped.

difference in render on my scene, 20 sec 2.82, 13:35 sec 2.83 LTS (newly downloaded and clean install without any external plugin)

Just for info, we also tested 2.90 (blender-2.90.0-52b125a790e3) with Junk shop rtx.
After some previews, orbit around, ctrl+b etc etc, entire pc freeze. Need reboot.
Like before no problem at all with 2.82 (much more slow, but no crash).