Blender 2.81 - how to make fly/walk navigation work as 2.7X?

Hey community! Is there any ways to change fly/walk navigation mode to work as in 2.7X? I was skip 2.80 and now I work on switching to 2.81 - I try fly/walk and I absolutely dislike how it work now.

Any advice how to remove this inertia in movement and change mouse aiming?

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Did you find anything on the topic ? I was using this feature a lot but with the new controls I just can’t anymore.

Using walk navigation, or the shift+` shortcut to view navigation, should work as it did previously.

I ran into this aswell in 2.80 but it was me thinking that shift+f was (in 2.79) bound to ‘fly navigation’, whereas it was actually bound to ‘view navigation’ which works like ‘walk navigation’


Man I asked not for Shift+` or any else shortcut. Problem is not in shortcuts.

The way it now work is useless shit. I can’t imagine how it went through alpha and beta testing while developing… If I would test it - I wold just call it useless after 10 seconds of testing. In 2.79 it worked as if I play some FPS game or navigate inside UE 4 viewporh, now it works as If I navigate inside some cheap " archvis " app on phone.

So no one here know how to cut this useless " new " fly/walk navigation out and make it work as before? Developers? Who tested it? What kind of real actual hardworker modeler said that it is better than before?

You have already been answered, View Navigation in 2.8x by default works the exact way as in 2.7x, if it’s not for you then you have bad user preferences.

View Navigation calls Walk or Fly depending on these settings (as in 2.7), and they are quite hard to miss tbh…

huh, when I replied I looked for that setting, but for some reason figured it’d be on the shortcut designation, oops, guess I should’ve looked a bit harder.

Ok. I am wrong. After deleting 2.79 folder in documents ( make blender clean as if it just installed ) fly start working same as what I have in 2.81.

So all this time I used fly with some addon or I changed some setting so it work for me absolutely in different way. I was sure that it was native fly… I just remember it work this way from very beginning I start learn Blender two years ago. I foolish myself.