Blender 2.81 crashes in Ubuntu, using Intel hd graphics 4000

blender 2.81 official build crashes in Ubuntu when I try to open/save/import/export a project. I’m using a laptop with Intel hd graphics 4000 GPU

pls how do I fix this

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Can’t say for certain since you’re being a bit vague on the details, but maybe this can help. Me and some other people experienced similar crash issues.

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whenever I hit the [CTRL] + [S] Shortcut on my keyboard, or go to File > open/save/import /export ( or anything else that opens a content browser) blender will keep on crashing.

I’m using a stable build of blender 2.81 gotten from the snapstore but still the same thing happens.

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A recent update in the mesa drivers caused my problem to cease. Apparently the other people had the issue resolved with this too.
Still, your best bet is to submit it in with as much detail as you can gather. In the link I gave you there are a few ways to get different debug logs to try and narrow the problem.

I hope you can figure it out.

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Intel hd graphics 4000

Seems to be a lot of reports for this chipset. Problem is usually video driver. Upgrading to the latest from the manufacturer’s site usually fixes it.

In rare cases, you need to roll back to a previous driver version.

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I’m using Ubuntu and Intel doesn’t have driver support for Ubuntu.