Blender 2.80 Beta - The Render Window/Woskrspace Urgently Needs Some Love!

I have been trying to move to Blender 2.80 since the beta came out. I am slowly getting used to many fundamental changes and in some cases appreciating many of the new changes.

But the Render Window/Workspace UI that doesn’t seem to have been streamlined

The two main issues are:

  1. The save render image shortcut (F3) is gone… and although the drop down menu is showing (ctrl+s) as the shortcut, using it just open the save .blend file window. So saving saving a rendered image without any mouse click (shortcut F3) in 2.79x has been replaced by two cumbersome mouse clicks in 2.80!

It would be very helpful to have an easy to use default shortcut for saving rendered images quickly.

  1. This is not as big an issue… but why open an additional render window (even in the render workspace) and clutter the workflow? If there is a reason behind it I would love to understand.

Would love to know your views on these


The new render window seems to be optional…


You can choose image editor if you want… Personally I like the new window…


Thanks for the reply TheRedWaxPolice.
Good to know it’s optional! Even though I don’t like the new window (at least till now…) it doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the first issue.

Yeah, maybe it needs a new shortcut, or maybe there’s an editor focus bug…
Perhaps you should report that…