Blender 2.80 and Collections

Hi, I’m new here but have been working with Blender and Babylon.Js since 2014. The BJS folks have created exporters for various versions of Blender over the years that worked very well, but this 2.80 version is going to cause a few issues. So here is one that maybe people can help me with.

Typically in the past, I have used the layer manage add-on that allowed me to select the layers to be exported (through the BJS exporter), Now we have Collections. The Collections of objects have a number of icons associated with them in the outliner - eye, pointer, “screen/monitor” , and the camera. I’m trying to understand the logic of these icons.

Collections Icon Clicked:

  1. Eye : - hides everything and all the individual objects within the collection their icons change too.
  2. Pointer : - everything becomes de-selectable, but individual objects icons in the collection do not change. But those objects are not selectable even though the icons suggest they are.
  3. “Monitor” : - all objects in the collection vanish, but again individual object icons in the collection do not change - but all object names become “greyed out”.
  4. Camera - all objects are not rendered but individual object icons do not change.

I’m trying to understand the logic here as the BJS folks want to be able to export only objects in certain collectons. For example, I would often use layers 15-20 to have backup objects that did not need to be exported. When creating landscapes with trees and rocks etc I would use a particle system but the original rock or tree would not be exported but remain in layer15-20

I don’t know if this is the final setup for collections, or whether I am missing something in the logic. It would be nice to click on the “monitor” and disable the collection so that it would not be exported.

And I assume that the MakeHuman add-ons will not be ready until the final Blender 2.80 version is released.

cheers,gryff :slight_smile:

I also find the four collections icons you mentioned confusing.

The Eye and the Monitor seem quite redundant especially. The monitor icon takes it from slightly confusing to just overwhelming for a not-super-experienced user like me.

My suggestion is that either the Eye and Monitor or Eye and Camera should be combined. And a deselected Eye/Camera for a collection should make everything inside the collection invisible.

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Without the “monitor” icon you wouldn’t be able to hide a collection or object permanently in the new system. H and altH will toggle the"eye" but not the “monitor” which is the logic I think. You can not combine them since they are very different.
I think the “monitor” kind of replaces the layers grid in 2.7 or whatever it was called (