Blender 2.80 and Babylon.Js

Here is an example of my experiments with the new Blender and Babylon.js viewable in a browser


You can roll the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out, and left click and drag, or depress the scroll wheel and drag to change the view. The file was exported from Blender with the latest version of the BJS exporter. Everything basically worked as it should.

Now the five rocks are parented to the small white cube. And I have an issue with the way parenting shows (actually does not show) in the Outliner Panel. The five rocks you see are parented to the small cube underneath the white rock. The scene was originally created in Blender 2.76, so to create the scene in Blender 2.80, I appended the five rocks and the cube to a new scene. But unlike Blender 2.76 the Outliner does not indicate that parenting.

So, I had to create a collection called “Cube” then transfer the objects to that collection. Using Ctrl + P I can then parent rocks to the cube, but nothing changes in the Outliner. I have to check the Properties Panel (the Objects Button ->Relations) to know if the parenting was successful. In Blender 2.76 - the parenting is obvious in the Outliner Panel.

I find having to use this procedure rather tedious.

As someone creating scenes and objects for BJS, I am always creating low poly objects. And to do so I am always checking the vertex count for objects I create. The above demo is in reality a test of creating low poly rocks. Now in Blender 2.76 there was always a header that included vertex, face and tris count which I was always using. It now seems to be gone.

Anyone know where I can find such details?

cheers, gryff :slight_smile: