Blender 2.8 with GeForce RTX 2060

What have gone further a way in using Blender 2.8 under GeForce RTX 2060 ?
Does current version already works ok with this GPU ? There will be 2.81 soon. Will this be compatible with this RTX or current 2.8 already is compatible and works fine ?

Not sure what you are asking for. Normally restrictions get important if a given minimum standard isn’t met. But this is a graphics card with OpenGL 4.5 and Cuda 7.5 support and also has RT-Cores to work with Optix. So are you asking for that, or do you expect driverproblems?
That could also happen with every single change in blender, but should be solvable, beside that the future for your GPU looks quite promising reading this:

Some info on Optix:

I read an article about worse performance of RTX 2060 in comparison with GTX 1060 - this should not happened. Apart from that people were complaining on something related with Cuda 10 and Cycles but don’t remember exactly what it was… some compatibility problems I believe.
Thanks for the informations - those announcements sound promising indeed.

Haven’t read anything like that. And if I’d expect that it would be ruled out soon.

Perfomancewise this video shows it roughly where it’s expected to be: