Blender 2.8 wierd face and element selection workflow

Hi folks!

In Blender 2.8 to select an object element (a bunch of connected faces) you need to select a vert/edge/face and then use Ctrl+L for linked selection.
Since starting using blender 2 years ago I sill wondering why there is no default fourth selection type in Edit Mode for those purposes? Or why we cant do it by double pressing RMB?

The problem here is that when you trying to use select linked it applies to all selected verts/edges/faces and you loses you entire selection.

For example, how I can select the whole left cube without loosing a right cube selection in one click?


In 3ds Max there is a fourth selection type for this situation.
In Modo you can select ‘linked polygons’ by double pressing LMB.

Not a click, but you can mouse over the left cube and hit the “L” key.

But yeah, most apps have this on double click on a face when in faces mode.
So maybe it’s just a matter of changing the keymap??

Well, live and learn! Missed this function… :scream:
But then it should be some kind of script/macro to change keymap because you need to select something first.
For now there is no way to do it easily :disappointed_relieved:

If you want to have that functionality on your RMB double click, try this configuration in 3D View → Mesh → Mesh (Global)


I use LMB select, so things are a little more tough for us at moment in 2.8… :wink:

I tried but the problem is that when I do double click it selects the face, then deselects and after that runs linked operation… So it not working at all.

I don’t understand. Everything seems to work fine by double clicking here…

This is double clicking in C4D, and it works quite similar

So how you think it should behave?

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Here is my setup:
And the result:
It works if I set shift + double click, but then I need to deselect if want to use it without adding to existing selection.

Wait, sorry! You setup working well! :sweat_smile:
It should be great to have it as default shortcuts.

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for me i found that using click drag with right mouse for select linked works really well since right click for the 3d cursor and left mouse is the select one.