Blender 2.8 viewport quality in edit mode - feedback

The new viewport renderers are absolutely awesome, however, I’ve noticed some things that are worse than prior releases while in edit mode. Namely the visual continuity and consistency of vertices, face dots, lines, and wireframe shading.

I’m wondering if there will be any visual polish before beta (many more users trying to actually model with 2.8) to address the below issues? I understand that the lines in particular may be hard to get right (anti-aliasing, z-fighting, etc. etc.) but perhaps some magic can be done.


  • Viewport Quality: 1
  • Anisotropic Filtering: 8x
  • MultiSample: 4

Verts – Odd, ugly shapes even across the same surface:

Face dots – L-shapes instead of squares and general unevenness:
Raising the face-dot size in Theme settings shows that this may be due to the face dots clipping into the object itself

Lines – No continuity as they cross other lines, general anti-aliasing artifacts(?):

Wireframe Shading Mode – The checker/dithering pattern is distracting
I know proper alpha shading is expensive but the current checker pattern is beyond frustrating to use. Even when setting the XRay setting to 0, it looks like internally it’s clamped to something like 0.04.


Look like its a pixel shader based barycentric coordinates of the triangles and that disconinuity may be actually a triangle seam.

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Made a note about face dot where it looks like a clipping problem (clips into the object itself) which is more easily seen if you increase the face dot size to 10 in settings.

Similarly, Verts don’t look correct until they are a size of 6, but by that point they are useless since they’re too big. The 2.7 series had much better looking verts at the default size of 3.

I think the artifacts from anti aliasing are having an effect on the ability to select dense meshes. I never saw this issue with 2.79. Here, I’m using circle select to select vertices in a dense mesh.

Edit: the same thing happens with boarder and lasso selection modes.

Can't Circle Select


I think probably blender 2.81 or later will be dedicated to solving all these imperfections … for 2.80 developers are already breaking their bones from the amount of work they have :sweat_smile:

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Added an example of wireframe being pretty poor too.

Good news – some of the issues here have been dealt with. Wireframe dithering can be completely turned off now, lines in edit mode are a more continuous, and face centers are now more evenly displayed (though not perfect).

Vertices still make for a less than pleasing look (in perspective views mostly) but at least edit mode in general is starting to get to the point where the viewport doesn’t detract from the task at hand.

Thanks Clément!

May be let the developers add a option to make a simple display of lines like here,
no anti aliasing and other effects…

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I have noticed that in some circumstances in Edit mode of Blender 2.8 it becomes very difficult to see in Orthographic view (very used when you are modeling). For example you open this .blend file in 2.79 and 2.8 and you compare in different Vertex/Edge/Face select modes:

In some cases 2.8 lines are very thin and in others you do not even know if there is any element out there. I think that elements should always be visible all the time and regardless of the selection mode you are in, because you might even want to use it to have it as a reference while you model.
In some cases selected elements are not very different from those not selected.
And in other cases elements are difficult to select, for example by opening the .blend file by default and in Face selection mode, try to select the face/plane (although this is also a 2.79 problem)

I also suppose that this is something that other users may have already mentioned, sorry if that is the case.

I did not know there was an open task about visibility in Edit mode. In my example visibility is better with recent changes today.

There are still situations in Edit Mode, solid and orthographic view where it becomes very difficult to work with default theme. For example in this case:
Especially in what is shown in the red circle, the vertex selected in front is almost imperceptible. But the other vertices are also really confusing, you do not know when something is in front or in the background. I’m not even sure about whether vertices in the background should be visible in this case in Ortho view.

I hope that visibility in Edit mode is improved, especially in Ortho view.

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Another one:
On the left, in Vertex mode the edges coinciding with the blue Z and red X axis are almost invisible. On the right, in that view two of the vertices selected in front appear as not selected. The same in Edge select mode. Now I am in doubt about whether the latter is more a bug than a design problem.

Reported just in case:

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