Blender 2.8 Video Editor AlphaOver by Default

In the video editor, could you make ‘Alpha Over’ the default setting for imported items such as video and images.

Why (You don’t really have to read this part)
After about 3 years, I just found out recently that alphaOver was possible in blenders video editor. Everything we do uses alphaOver.
No one wants the transparent part of their image to fill up with black.
And if they do, it’s unusual, so I think those kinda people deserve to have to waste 3 seconds changing it to “Cross” :smile:
When it comes to fixing renders by overlaying videos with new frames, Blender does it with a lot less stress than AfterEffects, Because blender is a lot faster and more comfortable in terms of its method of importing and handling files and frames.
I use this function often and I’m sure a lot more people will realise this if it were ‘AlphaOver’ by default.


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