Blender 2.8 UI feedback | Visual Density. Funcions - Sugestions for improvments

Hello Blender Development Team,
Hello Pablo,

After I spent some time to analyze and try working with 2.8, I came up with some suggestion, which I want to share with you for any further discussion and hopefully for improvement.
All my comments are with respect to you and to the HUGE work you are doing guys, so this is not a critique but my personal and professional feedback on the current progress of 2.8.

  1. Dynamic UI Density of new 2.8 version. Including dynamic menus/panels/ list/icons with more of 1 option.

  2. As you can see from here example, the overlapping content is not pleasant thing. Especially when you drive professionally with a software with focus of achieving great results.

  3. Basically to resolve the problem I create new IA proposal for 2 of the tabs - exchange places of [Shading Tab] with [View-port list appearing Tab]. With this scenario I put more focus on Shading Menus and sub menus. I design new proposal for the appearing because the current one is look not optimal.
    And also I’m presenting a proposal for better appearing on meta-cap menu + sub menus + functional improvements.

  4. Proposal for new functions applied to Main meta cap and any sub-menu with dynamic floating behavior

5.New Shading Tab appearance. Again the IA is not balanced and often I’m experiencing overlapping menus, not clear alignment, not readable UI. Therefore my proposals for improvement on the same for the Node Based Shading are /Equalized IA sides → Left - options; Right - values and functions like in Sculpting tab/mode:

6.Old functions which are quite handy but now are missing … or I can’t see them?

  1. Last but not least, something I think is super important, this is a visual indicator for the active Render Engine, not in a dynamic scene panel tab, but somewhere visible. Place for, quick eye recognition.

Thank you for you effort!
We are with you! :slight_smile:


Hello again,

I see there is no comment on this post yet. Probably you’re completely busy.
However, I really look forward to hearing what do you think about these suggestions.
@pablovazquez, I will appreciate your thoughts on that?

  • about my concerns:
    I’m leading a team of designers in the automotive industry, and I’m using blender 100% in my daily workflow, building assets, rendering elements, using Blender it for modeling tasks, for UV-editing, optimizing tasks, almost everything. I open the possibilities in our organization hiring people with Blender along with 3Dmax, Maya, Cinema4D. I think we can benefit from peoples knowledge in all programs not focused on one.
    However, in my life from more than 7 years I’m completely using bledner as my main tool for expression and work. So far I have no issues with the program, but with the new UX/UI of 2.8, and based on my experience, + the program still Beta, I see some real possibilities for improvement, which now cause my workflow, speed and quality at the end.

Best Regards,