Blender 2.8 material crash

It seems that the latest update of blender 2.8 beta has gotten some bugs with the material tab. Everytime I try to create a new material, the software will crash instantly.
Its weird about the fact that new codes can break the other ones. Being a professional programmer sure is a pain in the head

It’s already fixed. And yes I think it probably is a ‘pain in the head’ often times.

Nope, still crashes for some reason whenever I access the material tab with the selected object.
It only happens if I create a new material, or if the object has one already made.
For you it may not be happening, but for me it does happen.
Is there like a crash log.txt file to see what could cause the crash?

It’s fixed in master, meaning it will be fixed in tomorrow’s build.

Nope, still the same thing. Crash with no reason. And yes, tried it on the 2nd of May build.

EDIT: Not only that, but the sculpt mode no longer has the options menu above (the options that lets you change the strength of the brush, the radius etc). not even in sculpting layout

Please use the bug tracker for bug reports, that’s not what this forum is for.