Blender 2.8 grid display and units

Hello, I’d like to see units for the viewport grid back in 2.8.

It’s really useful to quickly check scale of models without using the ruler tool.
Also the grid in 2.8 doesn’t subdivide below the default subdivision (ie meters). It only changes when zooming out. Grid in 2.7x was useful even when working on smaller objects.


Please restore the grid size and functionality how it worked in 2.79 in 2.8 as requested by cdog. Controls for it can be in overlays.

Grid works like that in my last build. Not the meters info.

I’ve filed a report regarding this 3 months ago, have a look at T61286. I’m eagerly waiting for this.

The Grid Size is displayed in orthographic view, now. Which is great - butiIs there a design reason why it’s not displayed in perspective view as well?
Since the grid is sized dynamically now, it owuld make sense to know how large the user is modeling when zoomed in or out of the scene.

Are you sure?
Which version of Blender? 2.8 or 2.81
I still have same problem with 2.8 and don’t want to use a beta version again!

Currently it’s in Blender 2.81 so it will be in the stable release in roughly 1 - 2 months.
Also it’s only displayed in orthographic views. As soon as the view displays in perspective the grid size is hidden again.

I still do see room for improvement is in two areas, though:

  1. In perspective the size of grid values should also be displayed because that’s where the major part of modeling happens.
  2. When working in real world values in smaller scales the user might need to adjust the displayed grid grid size as well. That’s for two reasons:
    a) Grid size dictates the snapping increments
    b) as a visual guideline in perspective, not just in ortho.
    This introduces a few other problems, though.

Where the system currently has major hickups in usability is between the display and adjustment of the grid values for snapping and display:

Firstly: 3D grid doesn’t scale in smaller values (the cube is 1x1x1 cm in these examples):
Here I can’t snap the object in sensible values by holding [Ctrl] and I cannot see a reference grid for rough measurements, either because the grid values are just too far apart for sensible increments:

An adjusted scale shows the grid with good visual guides and enables snapping in finer increments but introduces the problem of having to manually adjust the grid size again when zooming out

… as well as the following problem:

Secondly: When the grid is manually adjusted for smaller values then the size displayed is also in math equations instead of a readable value:
“10cm * 0.01” should read as “1mm”
This took me a second to figure out even while typing. I can’t look at it quickly and read it while working. Especially when the grid adjusts and I am presented with a different equation in different zoom levels.

I think, Ideally there should be three improvements:

  1. Adjust grid size in 3D view automatically even in close zoom range
  2. Show the grid display to show results not equations
  3. display the grid values in 3D view as well.
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Hi. Someone can explain me why in Blender we have two similar options: grid and floor?
I know about one of them for perspective view and second for ortho view. But this options can be combine in one, because they do similar operation. Grid = Floor.

@blender3dmaster : Hmm, I think its because often people like to have distinct sideviews opened in parallel that are set to orthographic sideviews. Combining that in one thing would not individually allow us to activate or deactivate it in the sideviews.

I’d say we should do the opposite. And add two more of these “three button groups” to the left like that Axes buttons to the right instead of the 2 checkboxes. To be able to activate all three possible gridplanes x-z, x-y and y-z individually . One for aligned sideviews and one for unaligned arbitrary perspective orientations.

I would not make a differentiation between orthographic and perspective just between aligned and unaligned views. Sure will the grid just be readable completely correct in orthomode, but that doesn’t mean it cant be helpful in perspective sideviews.

But you can see the ortogrid but not the perspective floor.

So, someone can see difference between floor and grid? I’m not. In ortho view grid look like grid and in perspective view grid look like grid. Maybe someone can show me picture or video with case when difference is important?

It’s just a matter of personal preference. Lets say your 3dviewport has the floorgrid turned and the sideviews have orthogrid turned on. If you don’t matter if your 3dView gets a vertical grid if you use the gizmo at the top to snap to a custom axis, then it’s not important for you. Sure, then that checkboxes could be merged into one. But what if you judge on this differently? :astonished:

It’s add one new terms (floor which is not relevant. In 3d we have axis and coordinates) and newbie confusing when see two similar options.

Ok, I see why you are asking for that change. It’s quite similar and every viewport is individually controllable. They could also be renamed to floorgrid and sideviewgrids,
But as I told before if I would design it I perhaps would have added these buttongroups instead.

Thank you SpookyDoom, I knew about version 2.81 and thank you for your information but the topic is about 2.8, so I was hoping maybe you found a way to fix or active grid unit size.
I am looking forward for final release.