Blender 2.8 GIZMO logo use by sohrtcut hotkeys like Maya or 3DS Max , C4D or else

BLENDER 2.8 Modeling Necessary to using GIZMO symbol shortcut hotkeys like MAYA or 3DS MAX or C4D or like other 3d softwares …important for 3d software for serious active production modeling …, it should be using transforms moving,rotating,scaling with Gizmo logo for more precision production design 3d modeling Gizmo logo shown by shortcuts hotkeys.

I think this is what you are looking for:

Hi Billrey , yes thank you as you show me for Gizmo or Gimbol , we using for move or rotation or scaling like first we click in G for moving and than for Shift X,Y,Z, for can make same cordinate make play to move instead of this we can use Gimbol logo there is on it in Blender 2.8 Shift X,Y,Z, button for can move or rotate or scaling , i mean not the arrow i mean between arrow the square in Gimbol which you let to move any direction in same axis , as before we click on Spacebar and than G or R or S for using Gimbol now when i click on Spacebar and G or R or S i see Toggle bar Left Hide and Shown , i mean we cant using Gimbol . Its important for can using Gimbol as shortcut hotkeys as before .
Thank you.

I have a feeling you are using Google Translate or something similar to translate from a different language into English?

In any case, I cannot decipher what you are trying to say here, unfortunately.

Hi Billrey ,
Please check the link video you will get it what i mean ,

If you see video old version Blender 2.8 when you click on spacebar and than G or S or R you can use Gimbols flash but in new version Blender 2.8 its change the box when click on Spacebar . both of them good but for modeling its more better or important to using a Gimbols or Gizmo or Gumball the flash .

I have no idea what you mean with ‘Gimbols’.

As for the menu, you have enabled an addon called Dynamic Context menu which overrides the space bar. Disable it, and you can make the older tool picker come back.

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I tried but i didnt see Dynamic Context menu please can send me image example for i make same i downloaded last version of Blender 2.8 i didnt see there in addon , for Gimbol i mean in picture this one Move , rotate and Scale logo.
Thank you Billrey .
2019-03-18_00h08_04 2019-03-18_00h08_08

Yes Billrey , thanks a lot i saw and i unchecked box and be as i want it , thanks a lot Billrey.
Take care.
Great day.