Blender 2.8 Comfy Text Editor

My team and I at XaneGraphics ( ) have worked on a series of projects such as Videos, Animated Adverts and lots more.

For a project to be successful, it takes lots of planning. I always hop in and out of ‘Notes’ on my macbook to check progress, tick the checklist of how much we’ve created, have a look at voiceover scripts and so on.

Blender was designed in such a way that, even though AfterEffects can edit videos, and GarageBand can mix songs, and Photoshop can edit pictures… We still use the Engines in Blender to do all those and it’s highly efficient.
However, for professionals such as yourselves, who work with schedules, documented plans, and checklists, We always need to go back and forth checking pdfs, checklists, project notes and goals.

Blenders Text Editor is good… but, it looks like it’s only for people intending to code. I’ve tried to use it for notes, but it’s just too uncomfortable
If it had checklist, looked less like a codingHouse, and a few more capabilities, the blender community would be able to make tremendous use of it.

Users would be more willing to leave documentation about their blends within the blend file
Users would have a better workflow with checklists
Users would be more willing to write a storyline of a scene and the plan of the project within the blend file

Yes, I think it would be a great idea. I think having the ability to include other syntaxes would be beneficial, particularly Markdown and the Fountain markdown which is used for scripts. This way we can include our script directly in the .blend file and perhaps addon developers could extend it to easily convert into subtitles and help with lipsync.

This is for feedback on code-quest development, not feature requests, closing.