Blender 2.8 can't select object inside other object

i use blender 2.79 . example in scene have two object and one object is small inside another object is easy to select one or both those object in viewport directly.

but in blender 2.8 alpha i can’t select object inside another object.
i think blender 2.79 select object in viewport is superior better than blender 2.8

i have sample file : file b2.7
from blender 2.7. you can easy select sphere object in viewport

from blender 2.8 : file b2.8
i can’t select sphere in viewport directly.

window 10
renderer: ‘GeForce GT 610/PCIe/SSE2’
vendor: ‘NVIDIA Corporation’
version: ‘4.5.0 NVIDIA 388.13’

Hold the ALT key when selecting, or you can click multiple times in the same spot.

this is a downgrade compared to the way 2.7 can select so accurately objects, it need to be fixed, will be really anoying having to hold alt every time you need to slect a object, SPECIALLY IN COMPLEX SCENES WHERE WE TEND TO NOT RENAME EVERY OBJECT.


oh thank …
blender 2.8 have different method to select object.
use right double click or alt right click.

but it will hard for old blender user to adaptation. i wish direct select like blender 2.79 implemented maybe as option if not default in blender 2.8.

Agreed. I think any click on a surface that has alpha=0 should be ignored. This should go for clicking on objects or interface items. The N and T panel are great when they’re transparent. You can see more of your scene, but you can’t click in these transparent areas to select an object under it or navigate the view from there. I think it will confuse new users and be a continuing annoyance for older users.

I thought I’d point out, in case it wasn’t clear, that the selection now works like you’re in a solid shaded mode of 2.79 all the time - whether you’re in wireframe mode or not. Ignoring 100% transparent faces (not edges) would essentially work like wireframe mode in 2.79.

with full transparent x ray alpha 0 . still can’t select sphere.
i find ctrl right click can select sphere.

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I’m not sure why CTRL+Click works, but it only seems to work in this one situation. If you put another sphere inside of the one that’s there now, CTRL+Click stops working. We basically need ONLY edges to be clickable when xray (alpha) is set to 0. This will give us the easy selection capability we had in 2.79 wireframe mode. It will also be intuitive for people moving from other software, since this is how all of the other 3d packages work (at least the ones I’ve used).


i agree with you.
i hope blender developer aware about this.
maybe this most must be fix before blender 2.8 beta release

This is another reason why wireframe mode should reimplement


can a developer have a look at this, alt+select is really not optimal when we have a complex scene full of overlapping objects without meaningful names

@billrey @brecht, @pablovazquez @Hypersomniac.


maybe its final decision to remove wireframe mode in blender 2.8.
i hope blender foundation consider to bring back wireframe mode like blender 2.7.
i am very sad blender 2.8 lose ability to easy select.

in max it easy to switch use F3 wireframe and F4 edged faces.


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I agree i feel that a proper wireframe mode is a must have for all 3d software

I wonder why they chose not to use the good old and useful wireframe display? What do they have against it?
it was so simple and immediate … press Z and voila wireframe view, press Z again solid view
I do not like this evolution that tends to cut decades-old uses.

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yes. maybe Ton Roosendaal must look this problem

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Not sure why they force new “xray”. I need old proper Z wareframe or it’s unworkable for me.

It also looks like new xray in edit mod conflicts with one in object mod.

I made a suggestion a while ago over at Wireframe mode mockup and suggestions but i dont think the devs ever saw it which is a shame because its such a essential feature that people use very often

i don’t know how to raise this issue to blender foundation. especially to ton roosendaal

You can try @ting the devs but idk if they will respond

Problem still here. Most stupid developmeent of this selections in Blender.