Blender 2.7X Keymap Lacking

Since the release of Blender 2.80 there are two Blender keymaps, the 2.8X and 2.7X keymaps. Everybody now is using the 2.8X keymap it seems like, but why? I think the 2.7X is actually better for everybody who has used Blender prior 2.80. The problem with that keymap is, it has not been updated properly. The new pie menus (which you definitely want, because they are awesome) are not mapped. Instead the old confusing shortcuts are still used. I think we should finally get rid of Mod+. and Mod+, and just replace them completely with the new pie menus on the keys ‘,’ and ‘.’. Also the Z key for render views is better solved in the 2.80 keymap with the pie menu and the X-Ray mode (that’s open for discussion, but I think we should also replace that in the Blender 2.7X keymap). Also the mode switching can be improved by a lot by leaving the shortcuts as in 2.7X but adding the pie menu. Tab should toggle edit mode (like it does), Ctrl+Tab should toggle object mode(/pose mode for armatures) and if the object is currently in object mode and there is nothing to toggle back into it should show the pie menu. The pie menu should also be shown, when you hold Ctrl+Tab and move your mouse. In my opinion that would make for the absolutely perfect new keymap for coming from 2.7X to 2.8X and using the new features to improve your workflow.

I post this here to open a discussion about the 2.7X keymap, because I think it can use some love. While posting suggestions, keep in mind, we want the keymap to be like in 2.7X, but just a little updated to use the new functionality.

The idea behind the 2.79 is keep the old keymap for people who wants that and for reference, it have few updates. If somebody wants a mix of both keymaps he needs to make the custom keymap. For example, i use 2.8 keymap but i have changed the pie menus to old classic menus and add my old custom shortcuts.

But it is true, and we have asked for this, to have an option to change all menus to pie menus with a switch. Not manually each hotkeys