Better system for Undo handling / Discussion

Giving blender a better undo system is one of the things that could speed up the workflow dramatically in the future, especially with big scenes and a lot of objects (speaking of filesizes above 500mb and 2000 objects). Working for industry customers with big CAD files and thousands of objects, this is one of the most needed features to work efficient with blender.

I know this isn’t on the priority list right now, but maybe we could discuss how this could be achieved, and what techniques could make this possible.

I have no clue about programming or the logic behind such a application like blender, but I would like to understand how the system is right now and how it cloud make undo better. Also how much work it would need to build and implement such a new system.

As far as I know undo in blender is writing the complete scene file back to the ram at a certain point of state.

-The state of the system. To roll the system back or forward, the undo algorithm reads back the previously saved state and makes it the current state.

Is this how the current undo system works?

Could it be feasible to generate something like a sequence of operations and reconstruct the state of blender?

What challenges are there to implement such an algorithm?

Are there other and better algorithms/techniques out there?

I know a lot of questions but maybe there is someone who wants to answer them :slight_smile:

Cheer Daniel

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This is amazing how fast saves/loads TES games, if to take into account how much loot, crates and NPC are there, and it saves up to current battle jumps/shoots/attacks moments instantly.