Beta testers welcome!

Welcome to the Blender Developer Talk Discourse forum! There may be some issues, so now is the time to hammer them out before things start to pick up. Let me know (here or on irc) if you run into issues. Thanks!


There was an issue with “BAD CSRF” errors for some that should hopefully be fixed now. It was caused by miscommunication between the front end web server ( and the backend docker host that it proxies connections to.

Good thing it was quickly resolved :slight_smile:

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Ah, I see Chrome notifies you pretty quickly. Not bad!

Just dropping by to say hi!


Most programmers use “hello world” but “hello, world” is grammatically correct.


There is a bit of WYSIWYG


markdown (here)

is fine with me

Hi all, forum’s looking good! Love discourse.

def hello_world(guys):
    print('Ooooooi, there\'s syntax highlighting too')

(you need to use three backticks like in github)

Howdy folks! I’ve been eagerly awaiting this forum as I’ve been wanting to get into Blender dev.

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Knock knock. Super stocked for plenty of fun here :blush:

test pic upload

Email summaries are working just fine.

As in the daily summaries? Haven’t tried yet, sounded interesting like mailing lists.

Nice initiative! :slightly_smiling_face: Are you interested to flush out some English typos? I noticed 2 or 3. :eagle:

Typos in the site code, or in one of my posts? :wink:

Looks good!

and a very nice initiative!

unicode text

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Hello guys!
Thank you for starting this initiative.
I have tried to dig into the Blender source code before and I usually get a bit lost. Hopefully this forums will make the path a bit easier.

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hmm test test test, test test…


I literally just walked in the door and logged in, knock it off! :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry was testing the discourse->irc notification , works! if me hitting latest_posts.json is too much let me know i’ll lower the frequency.