Beta testers welcome!


Just don’t hammer on the system too much and you should be fine. If you go too fast, something might temporary block your access.


Well I’ve registered too. :slight_smile: Just to test if it works, posting here.


Firefox 61.0.1 in Kubuntu Linux.
I can not Log Out. If I choose Log Out, it shows that I’m out of the forum, but then by pressing “Reply” in the forum or Log In button, it automatically Log In without asking username and password. I do not have configured in Firefox save passwords. Problem also occur with “firefox --safe-mode”
If I go to Blender Cloud site and pulse Log In and Explore, the same thing happens, it automatically Log In. The problem only ends when I delete browser cookies.

Apparently it happens in Chromium too.


That might be by design. To log out of Blender ID instead of one specific site you can go to:


Hi brecht.
In my opinion, this is a confusing design and insecure for shared machines. This gives the impression that you have actually left the forum or blender cloud, it shows you logged out (Log In button appear above too).
But thanks for the information.