Beautiful, Smooth Lines in Texture Paint mode in 'Curves' selection

Many people are starting to do ‘repaints’ of airplanes from the flight simulator MSFS by Microsoft / Studio Team Asobo. The planes can be opened in Blender with glTF format and repainted in Blender. But making smooth flowing ‘line graphics’ on the sides of planes isnt there yet. We can, but the lines are very rough if using Texture Paint mode. With Curves, the paint brush appears quite notchy. A similar use of Curves in Photoshop creates beautiful line work which Photoshop is most known for.

My humble thoughts are, what if Blender could make amazing, outstanding, beautiful, crisp line work with Paintbrush ‘Curves’ mode when painting objects (like cars and planes ‘stripes’ with curves in them) when in Texture Paint mode.

Just a humble idea.


I tried hard to find a way to paint a smoooooth, crisp line in Blender on a cube, but nothing worked. Blurry is ok, but cannot work with crisp, sharp graphics that are needed for vehicle stripes.

Stripes could be done in Photoshop and brought in via templates process, but making them in Blender would be more ideal because then you can adjust them and create them right on the vehicle (cars or planes) instead of migrating them back and fourth between programs.