Basic, Extended, Legacy keymaps?

Looking at the problems that arise for the community with the new blender2.8 keymap, there is one that is especially dangerous. The fact that blender has two keymaps as different as the new default and Blender2.79 What is the danger? that divides the community between choosing the new keymap and the old one - the reason? Although many people like the new keymap and want to keep up to date, many basic hotkeys that a user can not be dedicated to put in the new keymap by default, so in the end this user is forced to use the Blender2.79 hotkeys and not enjoy the new features of Blender2.8. While you wouldn’t mind a series of changes within the keymap, you can’t afford the time or research all the hotkey changes.

This could lead to the community being divided between old and new users unnecessarily. So my proposal is to make three keymaps.

  • Basic (the new keymap currently being developed)
  • Extended (the new keymap but without removing many shorcuts or changes like)
  • Legacy (the old blender2.79 keymap with no changes)
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